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Translation hub is your window to the informative world of translation.Language Translations act as a connection point between the different cultures of the world. Widening the horizons, translation is a way to enhance one’s knowledge about the culture, lifestyle and literary compositions from different parts of the world.

Translations hub is an attempt to be a common point to online resources between the different languages around the globe. Here you will find information on the different types of translations and links to useful portals for language translation. So whether it is translation from English to German or Russian to English translation, it is all right here. Enter this world of opportunities and enrich yourself to the unknown divisions of language.

Types of Translations

Administrative Translation
Find information on administrative translations with important links offering services for the same. Administrative translation includes the translation of texts used for business and organizational purposes. This type of translation is used in the everyday management work.

Commercial Translation

Commercial translation is also known as business translation and is related to the translation of business documents like correspondence, different company accounts, tenders and other. Find out more about the specialist translators for commercial translation.


Computer Translation
Computer translation is very different from computer-assisted translations. This translation is related to different computer software, manuals, help files and more. Find out the specifications for computer translations and the important sites offering this translation service.


Economic Translation
Economic translation is on the same lines as commercial or business translation. Economic translation focuses on the documents related to the field of economics and are more academic in nature. Find more information on economic translation as we take a close look at the sites offering this service.


Financial Translation
As the name suggests financial translation is related to the translation of banking related documents. This type of translation is very useful in the management of stocks and bonds. Find out more on the translation services offered in this segment.


General Translation
General translation is the translation that is used in the everyday work. This is the simplest type of translation without any particular terminology going for it. The target audience for this type of translation is everyday people and is kept simple and plain.


Legal Translation
Legal translation is one of the most challenging types of translations. This type of translation involves translation of legal documents like treaties, contracts and more. It involves particular terminology and requires detailed knowledge about law and order of the particular nation.


Literary Translation
The translation of literary texts is known as literary translation. This type of translation involves novels, poems, plays and poems. It is one of the most intellectual types of translation with importance given to the time, place and emotions of the text.

Medical Translation
Medical translation is once more a technical type of translation. This translation covers everything related to the medical field right from manuals to the different medical books. In this type of translation, the knowledge of medical terminology is very much required. Find out more about medical translation with translation services on the same.
Technical Translation
Technical translation is a very broad category. It involves different fields like IT, manufacturing and different technical instructions. This type of translation is filled with specific terminology and is handled by specialist translators only.